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Last news: Da vinci resolve 24-05-2024

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Hello everybody ! here Da vinci resolve

News: DaVinci Resolve
Logiciel de montage vidéo

I’m training on Black Magic Design’s Da Vinci Resolve with news Version 19 software, which is apparently the best in its class. The free version has a few limitations. Movies are limited to 50 fps and some options, such as using AI for automatic view cropping, are unusable. However, the free version offers extraordinary possibilities for doing professional work at no cost, provided you master the software. It’s true that it’s quite complex and takes some getting used to for beginners.

My experience with the official version of Adobe Photoshop enables me to understand certain mechanisms in this application. However, the sharp increase in the subscription fee from 11€/month at the time of 2019 to 20€ at the present time has prompted me to switch to the free GIMP software. Yes, I find it less ergonomic and intuitive, but it has the advantage of being entirely free.

So when it comes to retouching images and photos and mastering the layer system, it’s manageable. For the rest, it takes a lot of time to learn, and I’m going to reserve that time for DaVinci Resolve, which will be my priority for the next 6 months

I am currently working on new recipes, one for beginners « duxelles de champignons » and a « daube niçoise », and on a professional project in the field of seasonal rentals.

Let’s go with Da vinci resolve