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SCI les HIBISCUS project v1.0

SCI LES HIBISCUS: a rentals apartment in provence

A hibiscus flower stencil for an original and unique intro for the sci les hibiscus

i think this idea during a watching a video about cat. At one point, the cat left a fake stencilled house for a garden.the stencil could be used to enter the house. And what could be more natural than to use a hibiscus flower as a stencil?

On-site shooting for video editing

I took a few days to film all aspects of the house in order to produce some beautiful sequences. One day’s work would have been enough, but I preferred to choose my shooting times according to the light, ask for feedback on my work the same day and record birdsong early one morning.
As a result, it took me more like 2 days of work. This work saved me a lot of editing time for the promotional film, and all the footage recorded will be used for a second, longer descriptive film.

my equipment for these shots :
a SONY RX100 version 3 camera
a Manfrotto tripod
a COMICA microphone

Software used for editing: DA VINCI RESOLVE free version

Example of production:

Currently web site : by Yann lefebvre

Photo montage using GIMP open-source software:

Hibiscus rental: full description in 4 minutes with english sub-titles